Insert a file into a file?

Is there a shortcut key, or even a way to insert a file into a file - like C-x i does in Emacs?

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If you type Alt-Shift-K in RStudio it shows all the keyboard shortcuts. I don't see one for Insert File.

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Yep - me either, but I wondered if there was some hidden functionality or somewhere were we could request the feature.

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Is there a shortcut key, or even a way [..]

The following is a way, even though it's not a (single) shortcut. Given files source and dest:

  • Open source, click +A(Select All), then +C(Copy)
  • Open dest, click at desired insertion point, then click +V(Paste)

Hope this helps!


BTW, I just asked if there could be a simple way to "record" the sequence of actions and bind it to a shortcut:

The answer is that it's possible, but it requires detailed knowledge of the R Studio API.

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