Input in popover called from a modal - textInput disabled

Hi all, I am trying to use a bslib popover to input some text in a modal.

Here is a minimal reproducible example


ui <- page_fixed()

server <- function(input, output) {
                shiny::actionButton("btn", "Set the name"),
                          label = NULL),
                title = "Set the name"
            easyClose = FALSE,
            footer = NULL

    output$output_name <- renderText({
        glue::glue("Your name is {input$text_popover}")

shinyApp(ui, server)

In my case I can't input anything in the textInput, it's like it was disabled. How can I enable it? Can it be done via javascript?

I also tried other solutions like shinyalert but it looks like a "modal with input on top of a modal" is really not managed by shiny?

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