Input File Name Function w/Sparklyr

In Spark's Python API I can add the file name easily with the following code:

df =, format="csv", header='true', inferSchema='true')
df = df.withColumn("input_file", f.input_file_name())

In SparkR there is an input_file_name function in the documentation but the documentation merely says input_file_name(x = "missing") and I don't understand its usage.

I tried using this example from S/O for the following R code:


input_csv_file_path <- '/Users/me/my_path/*.csv'

df <- spark_read_csv(sc, name = 'df', path = input_csv_file_path)
df <- df %>% mutate(id = input_file_name())

df1 <-

There is no error but the id field is blank.

Hoping to keep this open long enough for an answer.

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