Inherit data in ggplot2 theme

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any possibility to have a conditional theme for ggplot2.

I have created a theme for my package to visualize results, which can either be continuous or discrete.
It returns a list with the theme and a color scale (viridis in this case), like so:

theme_test <- function() {
  # start with minimal theme
  ret <-
  # extend it
  theme_base <- ret + ggplot2::theme()
  # define color scale
  theme_color <- viridis::scale_fill_viridis()
  # return as list

The scale should then either be discrete or continuous, depending on the input data and without the need to specify that in every case.

... is there any way to access the inherited data with the . operator?
Maybe as a function in the theme arguments (like waiver?) or in the function declaration of theme_test?

:pager: @thomasp85 , feel like you'd know if it's possible… You can yes or no it, and I'm happy to dig, if yes.

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AFAIK it is a no... :confused:


OK, thanks anyway :slight_smile:

why do you want to mix between the theme and the scale? they are two different objects. you can make a separate function to handle the discrete/continuous switch indep. of theme setting


I thought it would be more convenient for any user to use it like this.
There are a couple of packages doing that, is there any reason to strictly do it sequentially?

i dont think sequentially is at issue. they are two different functionalities that deal with different ggplot domains. colour scales are layer specific, where themes are plot layout specific.

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