Infrastructure Admins at the conference?

I'd like to connect with other infrastructure admins (and power users of RStudio Server Pro) who are at the conference. Please post here if you'd like to arrange a time to meet (e.g. breakfast, lunch, breaks, etc.).

Suffering with IT challenges together is much better than alone!

Great idea! I’d like to meet up.


Excellent idea, I won't make it for the tutorials but will around all day Friday and Saturday (+Sunday) and would love a chance to chat and hear what others are doing.

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Sounds great to me, maybe Friday lunch?

Great Idea !

I am here from today to sunday morning. We could meet anytime.

All, now there's a dedicated channel for us in the BoF section of the conference app. Let's try moving our discussion there.

@EconomiCurtis @dzafar @rundel @cderv


Lunch Friday sounds like a good idea.

But if we say to meet at a table nearer the center of the Grand Ballroom.
I'll put out a little note/notice saying "R-Admins" on it.

Sound like a plan?

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Lunch today sounds good. "Near the center" might be a little vague. How about the back right corner of the room as you walk in. I'm wearing a green shirt today.

Sounds good.
I updated the "BOF CHAT" app info.