Information for Data Science in the tidyverse

(This will be sent to registered particpants by email, but I'm also posting here as a convenient place to field any questions/issues.)


I'm excited to meet you all next week in "Data Science in the tidyverse"!

The workshop starts Weds Jan 31st at 9am in Seaport H, but you may want to arrive a little before 9am to get set up. The TAs and I will be there to help you if you need it.

What should you bring?

A laptop that can access the internet (wifi will be available) and your power cable.

You'll be using RStudio Cloud, so on the day of the workshop (all going well), you shouldn't need anything else.

However, as a backup (e.g. in case of wifi issues), you should also have:

Is this class for me?

This class is designed for people who have some experience with R, but want to learn about tools in the tidyverse. In, particular, here are some things I'll assume you already know how to do:

  • You know how to assign variables in R
  • You recognize the basic syntax for calling R functions, i.e. function_name(arg_1 = arg1_value, ...) etc.
  • You can predict the output of something like: mean(c(1, 2, 3))

Here are some others that I'll remind you about, but assume you have probably seen before:

  • How to open an R script, or R notebook and execute the code in it
  • How to get an overview of a data frame or tibble (things like head(), names(), dplyr::glimpse(), View())
  • The difference between lists and atomic vectors (double, integer, character etc.)

If those items seem foreign, you might be better served in "Intro to R & RStudio". You'll still cover some of the tidyverse, but the pace will be a little slower, and more time will be spent getting familiar with R and RStudio.

Is there anything you should do before arriving?

Visit and check you can log in (you can use your existing google or github account, or sign up for an account).

If you are dying to get started, feel free to poke around the materials on github, or even try getting set up early, but be aware that there might some small changes between now and next Wednesday.

See you soon!

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