Infer: a package for tidy statistical inference

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infer: a package for tidy statistical inference

How do you code-up a permutation test in R? What about an ANOVA? The infer package was created to unite these and other common statistical inference tasks into an expressive and intuitive framework. This talk will focus on the design principles of the package, which are firmly motivated by the tidy tools manifesto. It will also discuss the implementation, centered on the common conceptual threads that link a surprising range of hypothesis tests and confidence intervals. The package is aimed to be useful to new students of statistics as well as seasoned practitioners.

Keynote: The future of time series and financial analysis in the tidyverse
GitHub: Davis Vaughan
Twitter: @dvaughan32

Andrew Bray - Assistant Professor of Statistics, Reed College
Andrew is currently creating a series of online intro stats courses together with DataCamp, an interactive platform to learn R and data science.