Individual Scales for combined IRF ggplot

I have been estimating a VAR system using R. I have attached a picture of IRFs from this system that I compiled using the following code below:


RESPONSE = c("Dollar","residual","USWealthShare","USWealthShareChange")
IMPULSE = "GlobalConsumption"

fits = lapply(RESPONSE,function(i){
names(fits) = c("Dollar","residual","USWealthShare","USWealthShareChange")

plotdf = lapply(names(fits),function(i){
index = 1:nrow(fits[[i]]$irf[[1]]-1),
Impulse = i)

p=ggplot(plotdf,aes(x=index,y=value)) +
geom_line() +facet_wrap(~Impulse) +
geom_ribbon(aes(ymin=Lower,ymax=Upper),fill=NA,col="salmon",linetype="solid", alpha = 0.25) +
geom_hline(yintercept=0,col="salmon") + theme_bw()


However as you can see the scales for the bottom two graphs are much smaller, so I am looking to adjust the scales for these graphs to range between 0.01 and -0.01. How would I go about doing this?

Try setting the scales argument of facet_wrap() to "free_y".

facet_wrap(~Impulse, scales = "free_y")

I tried this but it still doesn't adjust the scales. The graph remains the same- the scales are uniform.

Can you post the version of plotdf that is used in the ggplot call? You can run


and paste the output here. Please put a line with three back ticks just before and after the output, like this
dput output here

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