Individual publication content not displaying

I'm using this theme in RStudio Blogdown and Netlify on a MacOS. After updating blowdown to v.1.2 , the site for individual publication content stopped displaying any information. The html for individual publications in public is blank.

I also noticed that duplicates of the featured.png for individual publications are created after running blogdown::serve_site(). Though I can't see how this could be related to the issue above, I tried deleting duplicate images and no changes.

I have not managed to find anyone reporting the same issue (sorry if I missed it). I checked the dates and potential errors in the publication files, and execute `hugo -v' . I have not found any issue.

Any pointers to resolve these issues would be very appreciated.

For a reproducible example:

Site repo (served from here): GitHub - fcorowe/ Personal website for Francisco Rowe


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