India NSS 64th Round Schedule 10.2 (Block 3 - "household size" item)

Hi guys! The "household size" item, which is the 1st item in block 3 of Schedule 10.2, has a width of 2 - However, some numbers has "0" in front of it which doesn't make sense - I checked that even if there’s no 0 in front of the number - the number itself is not correct. Please see attached photo of the data in R - please refer to the "HHSize" variable. Anyone knows what is wrong? I used the following codes to read the fixed-width data:

"Block3 <- read_fwf(
file="file path",
fwf_widths(c(34,2,5,2,5,3,1,1,1,2,1,1,1,2,1,2,2,8, 2,2,2,8,2,36), c("CommonID", "Level", "Filler", "HHSize", "NIC_2004Code", "NCO_2004Code", "HHType", "Religion", "SGroup", "LandPossessed", "MigratedDummy", "Location_LResidence", "PMigration", "RMigration", "FormerMDummy", "MaleN", "FemaleN", "Remittances", "Use1", "Use2", "Use3", "HHExpend", "SpecialCha", "Blank")), col_types = NULL)"

I think this is a question for the folks producing this dataset.

I would share a link to the documentation on this dataset, and the original source of this data if you'd like help digging deeper.

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Dear EconomiCurtis,

This is the link, thank you so much for your help!


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