index synonmyms?

I am writing a book that creates an index in the PDF version, using the \index{word} syntax. It's working fine...but is there a way to have other words included in the index that refer to one of the main words? I haven't been able to find anything that shows how that is done.

For example, in my text I might put \index{dog} with all the entries of the topic "dog". But I want to have a "puppy (see dog)" entry in the index, to help those who might look up "puppy".


I believe this is a LaTeX feature. \index is a LaTeX command from the index CTAN package CTAN: Package index

I think there is something like this possible \index{dog|see{puppy}}but unsure.

Maybe this other tool can help CTAN: Package seealso

I would search oriented to LaTeX solution as the feature is from there and not from bookdown directly.

If you confirm a solution, please share!


I have tried a couple of approaches, and early signs point to a solution based on the \index{x|see{y}} approach. I've got some more trials to run, and I will provide an update.

p.s. reading LaTeX documentation reinforces my gratitude for R documentation, and in particular that we have access to an abundance of vignettes with real examples. The tidyverse is the gold-standard for this, but a lot of other packages are emulating that approach.

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