"Index Match" (Easy beginner question)

I'm working with a fairly large data set (100k rows) and want to replicate the Excel Index Match function in R Studio.

I'm looking for a way to create a new column that will pull a value from an existing column, if 3 values from three different columns match 3 values from 3 other columns.

Specifically, regarding the example below, I'm looking to create a new column '1994_Number' that pulls the value from '1995_Number' if all of the three columns '1994_Address', '1994_ZipCode' and '1994_Bank Name' match '1995_Address', '1995_ZipCode' and '1995_Bank Name'. Desired result in red.

Any help would be appreciated a lot.

have you written any R code to approach this ? perhaps just to load the excel into an R data.frame?
if so you could provide the first few rows of the frame with dput() and head() functions
This would be helpful because otherwise forum users would in principle have to type out the contents of your image, which is laborious, as images are not copy pasteable as text.

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