Indenting on soft wrap

Soft wrap goes to the beginning of the next line (line #245 here)...

but I would like it to wrap to the same indentation (here shown for notepad++):

Another nice feature in the latter image is the little arrow shown on the right side also indicating that a wrap is happening.

Is there a setting for this? I see it was requested <= 2013. Browsing around the internet, I see other editors faced and solved similar problems in recent years.

(In case it's relevant, I'm editing an rmd, so disabling soft wrap is not an option, as mentioned here.)

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After a bit of feedback, I think the next step would be to complete an enhancement request. The IDE team just wrote this guide for "Writing-Good-Feature-Requests" if you (or anyone else) is interested in best practices for that.


Thanks, Curtis. Posted as

That guide y'all set up was very helpful.

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