Incrementally Updating A Shared Work Space For All Students

Greetings, I'm preparing a workspace that I intend to share with students. Ideally, I would install every single package they will need over 8 weeks but it is for certain that I will forget some or wish to try out something in response to a question. I would like for them to be able to benefit from any new packages that I install without them having to re-copy a work space. Is this possible ? Of course, after they have saved a copy of the workspace I can have them install additional packages on their own and that might be the only option. However, before adopting that approach I thought I would ask. Thanks,


Packages are installed in projects (rather than spaces) and when a user makes a copy of that project they will get copies of any packages installed in that project. You are correct that if a user copies a project - and that project is later modified - the copy will not get the updates.

In general people tend to manage courses by creating a single public project for each assignment in the course (rather than a single project for the entire course). So if you forget to add a package in assignment 1 that is needed in assignment 2-8 then you have time to add those in to assignments 2-8 before the students make a copy of them.

Let me know if this does not answer your question,


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Yes. Thank you for the helpful response.

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