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RStudio Cloud has been incredible so far for some training and meetups I've been involved in. I would like to find out how to increase the space limit to accommodate about 30 people, and also so that there is a higher cap on the number of projects they create as assignments?


Hi Megan,

Glad you were able to find the UI for requesting additional capacity. For anyone else reading this, the easiest way to get upgraded is to press the Request More Members button on the Members page of your space. Just fill out the form that appears and submit it, and we'll get all the info we need to upgrade your account.

  • Robby
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Hi Robby, I have the same issue but can't find the button you mention (below). Am I missing something?

Hi Shiro - you're not seeing the Request More button because we already upgraded your account - you should be all set!

  • Robby

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