Incorrect regular expression

I've got a problem with underlined regular expression ".*srch.*\ [^brand|^dsa]". How can i write it correctly?
In this expression i want the condition: field campaign must contain "srch" and doesn`t contain "dsa" or "brand".

  read.csv(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx\\SVOD_TVOD.csv', sep = ";", encoding = 'UTF-8') %>% 
   mutate(campaign_type = case_when(
    grepl(".*brand.*", campaign, = T) ~ "brand",
    grepl(".*dsa.*", campaign, = T) ~ "dsa",
    grepl(".*dynrem.*", campaign, = T) ~ "dynrem",
    grepl(".*net.*", campaign, = T) ~ "net",
    grepl(**".*srch.*\ [^brand|^dsa]"**, campaign, = T) ~ "srch_v1",
    TRUE ~ "others")) %>% 

Rather than trying to do that in a single regex, I would grepl for srch and !grepl for brand or dsa. That is, in syntactically incorrect form

 grepl("srch") & !grepl("brand|dsa")
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@FJCC Thank you, it works
I used:
grepl(".srch.", campaign, = T) & !grepl(".brand|dsa|k50.", campaign, = T) ~ "just_srch",

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