"incorrect number of probabilities" ERROR

Hi, when using gafs() (feature selection in caret), I always get the error when I apply the following codes to the dataset. My dataset is a large dataset. I don't get this error when I apply only 500 of them. This error comes up when I apply it all.


x_chembl_R_gafs_cont <- gafsControl(functions = rfGA, method = "cv", repeats = 5, number = 5, verbose = TRUE, genParallel = TRUE, allowParallel = TRUE)

x_chembl_r_gafs <- system.time(x_chembl_r_result <- gafs(x = x_chembl_R_tr_data, y = y_chembl_R_tr_data, iters = 25, method = "lm", gafsControl = x_chembl_R_gafs_cont))


Fold03 1 8875.134 (116)
Error in { : task 1 failed - "incorrect number of probabilities"

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