Incorporation of rshiny app and python

Error while deploying shiny app on
Mine app incorporate python scripts in it.
When I am deploying it, the log shows that the Error in py_discover_config: python specified (/home/shiny/.....) in RETICULATE_PYTHON doesn't exist.

while the same environment is working earlier.
PS: I tried other environment also and this environment is working with a simple app.

.Rprofile file

Same as ranikay
with virtualenv_name ="ropy"

Creation and usage of virtual environment.

reticulate::virtualenv_create(envname = virtualenv_dir, python = python_path)

reticulate::virtualenv_install(virtualenv_dir, packages = PYTHON_DEPENDENCIES, ignore_installed=FALSE)

reticulate::use_virtualenv(virtualenv_dir, required = T)