Inconsistency in R version information

Hi, can some assist with matching the R version information on th console and the one on that appear when you click "About RStudio"?.
For example, I have version 3.3.3 (2017-03-06) on the console but have version 1.4.1106 when I click the "About RStudio". This is problematic because I can't install some packages because of the older version 3.3.3.
Any solutions and thoughts are highly appreciated.

3.3.3 will be your version of R, 1.4.1106 is your version of RStudio. These are separate things. RStudio is the program that allows you to run R.

You need to update R, not the RStudio IDE, you can download the latest version from CRAN

Thank you so much. The issue has been resolved.

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