Incomplete tidyverse installation?

I started teaching yesterday and decided to get everyone's feet wet with R and RStudio on the first day! To that end, I had students install tidyverse, and a number of them had issues with loading tidyverse after installation. As I troubleshooted, it turns out that some installations were missing the psych package. I've never encountered this before; has anyone else did? I thought to share since there were about five out of 40 students who ran into this issue.

What was the common feature of those 5 students? If 35 managed to do it with no problem then there must be something different with those 5.
Personally, I didn't have issues with installing tidyverse or psych package before.

Thanks for responding! I'm not sure... all of us started with a fresh installation of R and RStudio, followed by tidyverse. I guess it's just a random glitch, or they did something I wasn't aware of. It happened across two class sections, which is what got me curious.

Yeah, in this setting "operator error" is always a valid assumption :slight_smile:.
Nevertheless, if it happens again, you should try to see if there is some pattern to it - that would be interesting to understand and mitigate in future. There is always a Docker container with RStudio Server that can be a solution. Not sure how much easier this is, but at least all dependencies of R should be OK.