Including alt-text for all links (not just images) in markdown

I know how to include alt-text for an image, but how do you do so for any plain URL?
I am looking to make my blogdown based website more ADA accessible /approved for use for teaching materials by my campus.

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I think there is two options

You can make your image with alt text clickable as a link.

Or you can provide a full text with your link. It should be catched by screen reader

<a href="">Community Rstudio</a>

Community Rstudio

Markdown syntax should work

[Community Rstudio ](Https://

Community Rstudio

Did you already try that?

I use the second option for most links, but i thought that the text had to appear as a pop up for it to be seen by a screen reader. I can't find much info on it, so perhaps there i'm assuming there is a problem when there isn't. Thanks.

You should try it if you can to check.

Otherwise if it works with images you can easily add a link within an image.

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