Include an image (jpg, png, bmp etc.) in left side panel

Trying to include a logo in the sidebar on my dashboard. Sidebar:

sidebar <- dashboardSidebar(
menuItem("Dashboard", tabName = "dashboard", icon = icon("dashboard")),
menuItem("Visit-us", icon = icon("send", lib='glyphicon'),
href = "")

I've tried adding menuitem(img(src='myImage.png') and putting the image in a subdir called 'www' as I saw in some other forums, but it just puts a small icon with a ? in it indicating it isn't finding the file. I've tried putting the file in the source directory, adding the path, etc. to no avail

Is the logo supposed to behave as a menuItem? Or is it simply intended to add branding to the dashboard? If it is the latter, it seems that you should just include it via img() to insert the correct HTML directly. If the former, you may want to look at the HTML that is generated when you run your app to see what's happening with the image included within the menuItem.

Thanks. It is the latter. I'll look at this more today.