In which cases does it make sense to run R as superuser?

Examining the packages installed by R I find 73 packages on my computer that only differ in their version, but that the old versions cannot be uninstalled because they are in the root folders: "/ usr / local / lib / R / site-library".
In all Linux forums it is discouraged to run programs other than those of administration as root.
Consequently I think that on the initial installation of R, only the minimal programs and scripts should be installed in the root folders for R to run, and all other packages should be installed in the / home / "username" folder.
Is there a way to install R like that?

You could probably avoid this issue by using a package manager like renv, this would have benefits in tracking appropriate package versions through your projects. And as you have full control of where you want your renv cache I would guess you sidestep the default system libraries issue. Renv is just great, so useful.

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