In what situation do you use both Shiny and Markdown ?

I found some topics on StackOverflow talking about embedding Markdown in Shiny apps or vice versa. I know how to use shiny and markdown but I can't find a situation where I would need both of them at the same time.

Can you give me examples where it would be useful to use simultaneously shiny and markdown ?

I have inserted Markdown snippets in a Shiny app to write the documentation of the app easily (there is a tab "Documentation" where the user can learn how to use the app).

I also used Markdown in a Shiny app to generate automatic reports. Use the Shiny app to dive into the data. Once you have what's of interest to you, click "Export", the button calls the render function, pass a few arguments to an RMarkdown file, and automatically generate a report. The user can then share the report with his coworkers.

I didn't think about this, it looks quite useful :slight_smile:

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