In the source panel underscores sometimes are visible sometimes not. Why?

Why can be that in the source panel underscores sometimes are visible sometimes not?

It seems to be independent of the editor theme, since I tried with others beyond the one I am using and I got the same issue.

I am not sure if it is actually a bug or can be another kind of issue (distinct underscores encoding?, but in my example below ascii/heaxedecimal give the same output 5F), so I ask here before filling a github issue.

I am using R 3.6.3 and RStudio 1.3.1093 on Debian 9, RStudio theme Modern and editor theme Solarized Dark. If you need more details please ask me.

In next both images, num_subjects and intensity_avg have underscores, but one is in Source panel (one can see the underscore of intensity_avg but not the one of num_subjects) and the other is in the Console panel, so one can see both underscores.


Thank you!

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