In R studio my keyboard is stuck on one letter, independent from which key I press

In R studio, I can only type one letter, independent which key I press. For example, when I start R studio and I press the key "w" as first key, then all other keys I press afterwards also result in typing a "w" in R. This issue wasn't always there. Until recently everything was working fine in R studio, this issue occurred very spontaneously. If I open R directly (not via R studio), all the keys work fine.

What is the cause and how can I solve it? The keyboard is completely fine. I even tried 3 different ones. I think this must be a software error.

I de-installed and re-installed R and R studio. I am using the latest version of R and R studio. I also did a reset of RStudio's Desktop State, but it didn't help. My operating System is Windows 10.

I would be very grateful for any help! Cheers!

I'm having the same problem lately. Other programs on the PC work just fine. Every time I switch to a different software and switch back to Studio, I can type a different character. Otherwise if I hit "f", a string of "fffff" will show up in the editor no matter what key I hit.

Can anybody help??

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