In Quarto, shouldn't bullet points be removed when using checkboxes?

I consider moving my lab notes and reminders from Obsidian to Quarto. In Obsidian, when I create a checkbox like this - [ ] text, the bullet point is automatically removed when the document is rendered, such that only the checkbox is shown. Shouldn't this also be the case in Quarto? Or should I use a different syntax for checkboxes in Quarto?

I open Quarto from within RStudio, using a default Quarto document. What's somewhat confusing is that in the example in this bug report, checkboxes are actually shown without the bullet points.

A clue to what's going on is in this bug report.

I managed to reproduce your problem once and now cannot do so. I "think" you must be sure to have something' even a space between the when it is created. It does not seem to be essential after that!

I have completed the answer there:

This is about how Pandoc create task-list

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