%in% operator disappeared from keyboad shortcuts


I am using R 4.3.2 with RStudio 2023.9.1.494 and its been some time (with previous versions as well) that the in (%in%) operator is no longer available as a shortcut. Any reason why? might it be something in my R?

I tried to edit the json file rstudio_bindings with the following line: "insertIn": "Ctrl+Shift+I" but it didn't do anything (that was a longshot...).

would appreciate any wisdom here. its super annoying to type % in % each time

anyone has an idea what happend?

I don't know what changed (or why), but apparently there is an addin that will let you set a shortcut for insertIn.

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It worked.

R folks,
No reason to make this a special package, it's one of the most used operators (maybe after assign and pipe?). Please bring it back to main rstudioshortcut panel :slight_smile:

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