In data(A, package = "ASMap") : data set ‘A’ not found

In data(A, package = "ASMap") : data set ‘A’ not found

Hi Pallavi, welcome!

ASMap doesn't have a dataset named A
these are the datasets that come with the package

  • mapDH : A constructed genetic linkage map for a Doubled Haploid population in the form of an R/qtl object. The genetic linkage map contains a total of 599 markers spanning 23 linkage groups genotyped across 218 individuals. The linkage map contains a small set of co-located markers and a small set of markers with excessive segregation distortion
  • mapDHf : Anunconstructed version of mapDH in the form a data frame. The data frame has dimensions 599 × 218 and the rows (markers) have been randomized.
  • mapBCu : An unconstructed set of markers for a backcross population in the form of an R/qtl object. The marker set contains a total of 3023 markers genotyped on 326 individuals. This marker set can be used in conjunction with the detailed process presented in chapter 3 to construct a genetic linkage map.
  • mapBC : A constructed linkage map of mapBCu in the form of an R/qtl object. The linkage map contains a total of 3019 markers genotyped on 300 individuals.
  • mapF2 : A simulated linkage map for a self-pollinated F2 population consisting of 700 markers spanning 7 linkage groups genotyped across 250 individuals.

Hello Andresrcs
Thank you so much for your msg.
Actually "A" is my data file name. I am not able to load my data for running the ASMap tool.

What format has your data file? That command is for loading a dataset that is included in the package itself, not for loading data from a file.

I have used csv file format and the command was read.csv to upload the data file

I'm confused, if you have used read.csv() then your data is already loaded, what are you trying to accomplish by running this command?

data(A, package = "ASMap")

If you already have a dataframe called A loaded in memory, why are you trying to load it again from the package?

Actually I want to run ASMap for constructing linkage map. For this I have prepared an input file named Demo_100 which I have assigned "A", after uploading the file using command read.csv. Then to run the tool, as mentioned in the user mannual, i have used the first command of ASMap, data(A, package = "ASMap").
As I am a beginner in R studio, I am not able to trace where I am doing wrong!

Well, you can skip that step because that command is for loading sample data that comes with the package, you already have your own data, that you have loaded using read.csv()

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