Impossible d'utiliser l'application shiny avec plusieurs utilisateurs simultanés

Hello, everybody,

I created a new shinApp and i used a server (Amazon) to put it.
Currently my goal is to create a csv and when one user is using the App, it works and i can see the new csv on the server. But when 2 people are using it at the same time, it seems like the first one who clicked the link take control of the app on the laptop of the othe user :confused: The second user can't use the application then :confused: For example when i clik a button to add someting, it add it on the app the second user's laptop :confused:
When we use the app not at the same time, it works.
I wanted to know if anyone could help me on this issue by giving me the root of the problem or if any body has a clue about what is happening :confused:
Thanks in advance

If you are using shiny-server open source version, all your App sessions run under the same R session, so they all share the same environment, this could cause that variables and files get overridden by subsequent users.
One solution would be to modify your code to make use of unique variable names for each new user, another approach could be deploying your app with something like shinyproxy

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Oh that might be the root of the problem, thanks I will look it up.

Some other deployment options, just FYI:

And some more information about "scoping" rules within Shiny (i.e. what is global / across-sessions, and what is per session):



Thanks for your help,
I resolved the problem by creating for each one a user name and a password and it worked.

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