Importing multiple csv files into RStudio while skipping certain rows in all files


I'm having an issue regarding importing multiple csv files at once into RStudio. I have about 400 csv files that I need to be imported into RStudio, and would like a way to do it all at once instead of one by one. Furthermore, all csv files have 2 rows at the beginning that are useless and mess up importing of the files if they're not skipped. Headers start on the 3rd row, rows 4-40 are actual numerical data, and the last row (41st) is also useless. How would I be able to import all the csv files while applying the above parameters to all the files?

Thanks in advance

Because I don't have a good example to work from, I can't give a 100% example, but I would use a combination of tidyverse and fs. You can use dir_ls from the fs package to list all the files to import, then pipe that into read_csv.


dir_ls(dir_path, recurse = TRUE) %>%
     read_csv(skip = 2, n_max = 40)

### OR

dir_ls(dir_path, recurse = TRUE) %>%
          ~read_csv(.x, skip = 2, n_max = 40)

The skip and n_max arguments in read_csv can really help in this case. You will have to verify if n_max = 40 is the right value, or if it needs to be 38. I wasn't able to test it. Not sure how it works in conjunction with skip.

dir_ls will return a list of file paths.

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