Importing datasets into RStudio

I can't load datasets from my laptop to RStudio. I'm not sure if it's because of the name of the data files (eg. 202004-divvy-tripdata.
Can somebody help?

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Hi @Jesus_Prato, you could use this for select the path and file name.

Possibly the filename does not have an extension like .csv or .xls so R does not know how to read it?

Try a full path like C:/Users/Jerry/ followed by a filename with its extension.

df <- read.csv("C:/Users/Jerry/202004-divvy-tripdata.csv")

Are you trying to load the data from your laptop to Posit Cloud (formerly known as RStudio Cloud)? If so, click on the Files tab in the lower-right pane, then click on upload. Click on Choose File and navigate to the file on your laptop.

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