Importing data into RStudio Cloud

Apologies if it has been posted.

Are there any guides on how to import external data (text, CSV, excel) into RStudio Cloud? is just hosted R. So nothing much special about importing there. Maybe start with readr?

Is there something in particular that's causing you a problem?

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Thanks jdlong. I will have a read/

I have some excel files I want to work on online in RCloud Studio. I want to import these files into my workspace.

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If you want to read Excel files, then it's hard to beat readxl:

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I thought you may be asking how to get the excel files to Rstudio cloud in order to read.
It took me a bit longer than I wanted to find the import button and of course use readr


Thanks jdlong. Apparently, readxl works on the RStudio on my PC but not on RStudio Cloud. I want to import the file into my workspace on RStudio Cloud.

Saw that and tried using it! Don't know how to import the files from my PC.

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First you need to upload the files, using the Upload button in the Files pane (as @kgilds helpfully pointed out). When you click on it, you should get a dialog box with a button that launches your system file picker. The dialog box will also advise you to upload multiple files by first compressing them into a zip archive and then uploading the archive.

Once you have uploaded your files, they should appear in the Files pane. When you use the Import Dataset feature, its file browser is browsing the files in your cloud project, not the files on your computer. So you need to upload first so that there’s something to select :smile:


Got it, it works.

Thanks everyone

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