importing data from pdf

one of my student asks me if there exists a simple solution to import datas from pdf
i think no but in case i prefer verifying with you
a very simple example :
aaaaPete_Burnard_Ch9.pdf (37.9 KB)

Actually there are several packages to read pdf files. I have used a couple some time ago whose names escape with fair to good results. Your question was a chance to try a different one tabulizer. It seems to have worked okay. I had to install it from the development version

EDIT: Code shamelessly taken from Extract Tables and Texts from PDF Files using R | Level Up Coding

remotes::install_github(c("ropensci/tabulizerjars", "ropensci/tabulizer"))
tabel <- extract_tables('read.pdf', pages = 1)
dat1 <- data.frame(tabel[[1]])

Start with tabulizer, as @jrkrideau suggests. If that doesn't do it try the pdftools package.

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