importing data and normalised test

I'm new to Rstudio but have completed all the online learning, however I'm having a problem importing my data sets from excel, is this because of excel itself?
also when I try to normalise the data from the imported date set it comes up with these common errors

Error: unexpected numeric constant in "shapiro.test(co2data$2.5"
Error: object 'shap' not found
Error in shapiro.test(co2data) : is.numeric(x) is not TRUE
Error in shapiro.test(co2data$...1) : is.numeric(x) is not TRUE
any help?

this is a non-syntactic variable name in R.
if you dont rename it (which would simplify things), and want to keep this name, then it means whenever you want to mention it in code you write, you will need to wrap it in backticks


the name can be changed what would make it work?

a name that doesnt start with a number or punctuation, but rather a letter;
also shouldnt contain spaces or other 'unusual characters' aside from periods and underscores.
for style , snake_case is recommended

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