Imported Sass file data using haven but only able to see a small portion of the data

I'm very new to Rstudio and I'm working on a summer research project in which I will be doing some stats analysis with the data. Originally the data was in sass but using haven I imported the data into Rstudio, but the problem is I can't see all the data in the dataset. The dataset I'm working with is pretty large (about 800 columns), but I can't seem to see the data past the first 50 columns, is there anything I can do to fix this?

The data will be there. The View window just shows the first 50 columns (which I believe is a bug being worked on).

Try to work on the data without the View window and operate on columns beyond the first 50 to verify they are there.

Thank you for the swift reply! I tried looking at the dataset using the "show in new window" button on the top left of my dataset, but even when I look at my data from the larger window, I am still unable to see the rest of my dataset, what am I doing wrong?

That just opens a View window.

Try something like glimpse(nameofyourdataset)

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