imported data from excel , columns transferred to another data type

Hello dears,
i imported a dataframe , the type of columns in the excel file was custom , from currency type (AED) as in the screenshot
but when i imported it as usual using read_excel simple code , currency columns changed automatically to timestamp
then i tried to caste all columns to character columns using this code

RAW_DATE = data.frame(lapply(read_excel("file.xlsx",sheet = 2),as.character),stringsAsFactors=FALSE)

after i used this code , that resulted into a weird shape , nothing changed , and their types were datetime , how can i solve this issue , this is the first time i face this error
thanks in advance

You can force the problematic columns to be read as character by specifying the col_types parameter in read_excel().

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thanks for your reply @siddharthprabhu
you solved my issue
have a nice day bro :slight_smile:

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