Import files from infostat

hello!! i have a data set maded with sofware Infostat and i want to use it in r studio, i cant make rstudio recognize the variants, how i can do it?

What filetype is generated by the software?


Their website suggests they support connections to R ( But I couldn't find specific examples or instructions that might help you.

... connect to R . This connection happens in two different ways: through the interpreter which can run R scripts without leaving the InfoStat working environment and trough the implemented menu-driven procedures which make use of the R's calculation engine.

In terms of your dataset made with Infostat, what is the filetype? That is, does the file end in a .csv (comma separated variable), or .xls or .xlsx (excel), or something else?

the extension of the file is something else, is ibd2, i can save it in txt