@import does not work in when create shiny app with golem

I want to create shiny app with golem, but @import does not work and packages are not available when I want to run app.

I use following code in 02_dev.R:

usethis::use_package( "shinydashboard" )

and following one in app_ui.R:

#' @import dashboardthemes
#' @import shinydashboard
#' @import assertr
#' @import DT
#' @export

but when I use load_all() and then run_app() I get following error:

could not find function "dashboardPage"

What I do incorrectly and how to handle it?

Have updated your NAMESPACE ?
I would recommend using attachment::att_amend_desc()regularly (to avoid having to think about namespace and description).
Then please try again.

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thank you @statnmap ; I have not updated NAMESPACE yet. I will try it.

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