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Hello, i am learning R for first time. In the lesson, it asked me to import data onto R. Below is the instruction. Will someone help me write the code?
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In the chunk below, you will use the read_csv() function to import data from a .csv in the project folder called "hotel_bookings.csv" and save it as a data frame called hotel_bookings:

If this line causes an error, copy in the line setwd("projects/Course 7/Week 4") before it.

hotel_bookings <- read.csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
my_data <- read_csv(“full pathname of the file”)

A full pathname is like /home/projects/file.csv

Hi @MyLe

For get the correct path you could use

# put this code

This open a window for search the file, press open and in the console show the path.

Other ways is set the work directory that contain the hotel_bookings.csv file.

next run

hotel_bookings <- read.csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
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I had the instruction above. will you please look at the instruction and write what the instruction is telling me so i can do it that way to see if it will return the data? Thank you,

Hi. I did what you showed me and still got error message.

hotel_bookings <- read.csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
In addition: Warning message:
In file(file, "rt") :
cannot open file 'hotel_bookings.csv': No such file or directory

see this video

Close RStudio and restart it. With luck, this will give you a clean working environment.

Then try this:

 setwd("projects/Course 7/Week 4") 
hotel_bookings <- read.csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
hotel_bookings  # This should print the data.

I tried this many times since yesterday and it never return data. sigh. thank you

setwd("projects/Course 7/Week 4") hotel_bookings <- read.csv("hotel_bookings.csv")
Error: unexpected symbol in "setwd("projects/Course 7/Week 4") hotel_bookings"

This happens.

Check the / ,
change for \ blackslash

# an example of my ps 
data <- read.csv("D:\\OneDrive - CGIAR\\Documents\\R\\Trabajos\\Maxmiliniano(graficas)\\hotel_bookings.csv")e here

Can you download "hotel_bookings.csv" to your own hard drive?

Also can you post the results of



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