Implications of deleting a workspace

TLDR; when you derive a project from a group workspace does a copy of it get placed into your personal workspace?

I am pleased to report that I successfully used R Studio cloud to manage a class of 60 students with relatively little growing pains. Now that the semester is over I would like to delete that workspace.
Will each student still have a copy of their personal project that they derived from the template project that I provided?

I have a similar situation in that I am running a few training workshops over the summer. I would like to continue to re-use a single workspace (for people who attend multiple workshops), but I want to clear out the workspace of all the participants projects before the next training.

When you derive a project from a project in a space it is also in the space. So a copy does not end up in your personal workspace. If you delete a space though all of the projects are returned to the owners personal workspace. This is true of other peoples derived projects - and also of your templates.

For the workshop use case that sounds like the "Copy Space" feature would be helpful (what's new has directions on where to find the button). It would give you a new space with with just your workshop projects.


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