Imperial March - NCAA Basketball {reactable} {reactablefmtr}

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The table above was adapted from my Week 41/2020 TidyTuesday post that I also submitted as part of the RStudio Table Contest. I had been wanting to explore Greg Lin's reactable package and figured using my original post, which used the gt package, would be a good starting point.


For anyone just getting started with the reactable package, I'd recommend checking out the numerous examples and demos Greg Lin put together here and also Kyle Cuilla's reactablefmtr package, which helps to simplify implementing various components of reactable . Unfortunately, I was about mid-way through putting this table together before coming across reactablefmtr (otherwise I would have used it more, especially for adding in the images), but I did use it for the conditional formatting. The reactablefmtr package has a ton of other useful features that I'd like to explore in the future.

Some other resources that I found particularly helpful in getting started with reactable were Tom Mock's blog posts here and here and the following TidyTuesday, R Studio Table Contest, and Twitter posts from:

For anyone interested in learning more about the crosstalk aspects of the table which allows for the interactivity between the slider and the search box and the table, again Greg Lin has several helpful examples in his demos (linked above). Emily Riederer also has a really helpful tutorial for getting started with crosstalk . A couple other helpful crosstalk examples that I came across on Twitter:

Last, big thanks to Amit Levinson for helping me troubleshoot how to get an interactive post online. He has a helpful blog post on the topic here.

Original TidyTuesday post from Week 41/2020 (using gt package):

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