Images not rendering on bookdown

I am trying to include a book cover for my bookdown book.

Here is the url for the book:

In my RStudio, I can see the image of the book cover show up on my Rmd, as seen below:

However, when I run bookdown:::serve_book(), I don't see the image:

I've tried other methods to embed the image, such as using a url of the image or using a html tag, but nothing works. I feel like there is some bookdown option I'm missing...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I'd suspect a file path?

I have an images folder that contains ggplot2-cover.png, so I think I have the right file path?

Yes but can the rendered page find it - i.e. when the local webserver is running to show the rendered page does it actually have ./images/ available?

If you put some [alt text] in does it show?

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No, [alt text] does not show...

Does it show if it is below the #Welcome line?


You are a genius! putting the image below the #Welcome solved the problem!!!

Thank you so much for the help :smile:

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