Images in Jupyter notebook do not show in html when using quarto render

Dear All,
I have a jupyter notebook I want to render to pdf using quarto. I cannot do it with nbconvert because of a bug with an warning in one of the cells (I have already tried several recommendations from stackoverflow).
The rendered pdf with quarto is perfect, except with the images I have added to my markdown cells. Quarto reports that it cannot find the images, but in the jupyter lab I have no problem, so the path does not seem to be the problem. Any ideas? I have added the figures using html because of the restriction of size for the image to 500 px.
Here is the way I attached the images to the markdown cell:
<img src="../Figures/Map_pVector_plasmapper3.png" alt="Scheme Vector by PlasMapper 3.0" style="width: 500px;"/>
Thank you for your time