ImageMagick package: fontconfig - "Disabled features: fontconfig, x11"


Apologies in advance if this does not belong here.

With the magick package, I'm trying to annotate several images using a specific font (Segoe Script). However, when I run:


I get this in the console:

Linking to ImageMagick
Enabled features: cairo, freetype, fftw, ghostscript, lcms, pango, rsvg, webp
Disabled features: fontconfig, x11

My understanding is that fontconfig must be enabled to use custom fonts. I've searched a lot and haven't found a way to do this - I believe I would need a different version of magick, but every magick package I download always links me to ImageMagic with fontconfig disabled.

Highly appreciate any assistance on this matter if anyone is familiar with this package. Thanks in advance.

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