Image Thumbnail File Not Showing in Blogdown Post Beside Title


I created my personal website using blogdown with the instructions from several rstats experts (thanks!) and now that I have something to write about, I'd like to start a blog. I have everything working reasonably well, but I want to do the blog using .rmd files instead of .md files. I know this is possible because I've seen it on other people personal pages and checked on their github to reference the files.

Here are some clips and file references for people to point me in the right direction. I haven't changed the examples the blogdown site came with and they still work with the images inset as you can see. These are from the output once I use serve_site().

This is the file pathway that gives those posts. The blog I'm trying to create is called RStats Journey.


Here are the files for the blogpost that doesn't show the picture and the Yaml is below

and in the post itself, the featured image is also not shown.


I'd love if someone could give me a tip on what I'm not getting right or a better way to do it.

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.


Without seeing all of line 26 how would we offer any guidance?

Thanks for asking me to clarify. Line 26 affects the image within the post but does not affect the image in the title area of the post. The also happens not to work but isn't the issue I'm worried about (that's for a different day maybe). I've edited my help question to help clarify. The thumbnail picture doesn't show up next to the post (like it does in the other example posts) even when I have a file titled feature.jpg.

Here is line 26 and the picture shows up in the markdown document but not in the post. (the image has personal info so I didn't show it all) but it's visible in the body of the .rmd.

Is the image 'featured.jpg' in the folder with the html file? Is it with / without any capital letters (if your Rmd is on Windows it doesn't care but if the site is hosted on Linux it does)

I am using windows. The file is in the folder as shown above. I changed to lower case and nothing happened

Everything worked once I changed the file to index.rmd in the folder. Sorry to waste people's time.

You are using Page bundle feature of Hugo. See here to know more :

blogdown should handle this for you when you use the Addin or blogdown::new_post

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