Image classification package


I am quite new to RCode and I was wondering if anyone can recommend me a package to perform some remote sensing image classification. I am looking for one package that includes the following four models:

  • Maximum Likelihood
  • Random Forest
  • Linear Support Vector Machine
  • Radial Support Vector Machine

I found the caret package that includes all except the Maximum Likelihood.

Thanks in advance



It's not likely you'll find one library that contains all functions you'd like to use in your code as there are tons of different machine learning algorithms, most with their own dedicated package.

There's no problem in using functions from different packages in your code, as you will see that's often the case. If you don't want to load a whole library, you can always install the package and then only load the function of interest by using the package's name, then type :: then the function.


myMLE = stats4::mle(minuslogl, start = formals(minuslogl), method = "BFGS",
    fixed = list(), nobs, …)

You can also use the webstite to search for packages/functions and see how popular they are compared to others (they use percentile for this)

Hope this helps,

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