I'm trying to build a data package in R and there is no Projects Menu in the tool bar

Hi, welcome to the forum.

What OS and versions of R and RStudio?

What happens if you try

File > New Project

Can you give us a screenshot?



It's version R 4.4.1

Ubuntu 20.04

There's no File -> New Project

What am I missing?

The New Project label? It should be directly below the New File label.
There, also, should be a Project at the extreme upper right of the screen–see image.

I think you have a defective RStudio installation. I would suggest you purge it and try a new installation.

I thought I was missing those things too.

How do I do that?

I have a couple of projects set up and they are all exactly the same.

So I opened up a new account with a different email and it is exactly the same

No projects menu in the toolbar

Does this mean that you are working in the Posit Cloud? If so, you might want to start another thread explicitly with a Cloud title or some tags., or just edit your title here. I have no experience with it.

If you have the resources perhaps you might want to try installing R & RStudio locally. This should help isolate the issue to your machine versus the Cloud.

From the screenshot, this looks to be the case, which explains the issue: The workflow for creating projects is completely different in Posit Cloud.

@DawnDarasMS : To follow up with your topic question as currently stated, could you say what you mean by "I'm trying to build a data package"?

@ dromano

From the screenshot, this looks to be the case, which explains the issue
Ah, I know nothing about the Cloud, not even enough to recognize it from a screenhot. Thanks.

Yes Posit cloud

That is why I was confused by your answer

I assumed that the cloud resource should be correctly installed

Could you say more about what you're trying to do?