im having the error "error in eval" come up when trying to get my T-test to work can anyone work out why

so this is the code i am using as it is whats shown to be used by my uni but when i enter it i keep getting the same error any idea why ?

setwd("C:/Users/mason/OneDrive/Documents/working directory")
data =read.csv("cardata.csv")
t.test(cycles ~ mpg , data= origin_label, var.equal = T)

Here is what the code should produce

t.test(carb ~ am, data = mtcars, var.equal = TRUE)
#>  Two Sample t-test
#> data:  carb by am
#> t = -0.31565, df = 30, p-value = 0.7545
#> alternative hypothesis: true difference in means between group 0 and group 1 is not equal to 0
#> 95 percent confidence interval:
#>  -1.391178  1.018709
#> sample estimates:
#> mean in group 0 mean in group 1 
#>        2.736842        2.923077

Created on 2023-04-22 with reprex v2.0.2

Why it doesn't could be due to several reasons, but I can't tell without ;a reprex (see the FAQ. So, start off by confirming that

  1. origin_label is in namespace
  2. it contains variables cycles and mpg
  3. the grouping factor has exactly two levels

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