I'm a student and i need help desperately- help with graph

Can someone please help me with how to make a graph like this.
Thank you :)))))

There are various packages which will produce such a plot.

The most extensively used one is ggplot2 using the the following function:
Lay out panels in a grid — facet_grid • ggplot2 (tidyverse.org)


Echoing martin.R's suggestion to use ggplot2 for this. If you can post a minimal example with some reproducible data, we can probably give you some more detailed help!

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im working with this data pollution - Google Sheets
With this data i need to make a graph identical to the one above.
I'm at this stage at the moment but i dont know how to make linear lines in the graph like above and the numbers on the side

If you could give me a clue as to what should i do from here i would be extremely greatful :slight_smile:

That data isn't accessible--it says you need to grant access. Maybe you could try making it public?

I don't know how to help you with the numbers on the side, but for the lines you could try using geom_smooth(method = "lm"). Then you can toggle whether or not to include the standard error cloud with the argument se = T or se = F.

I hope that helps a bit!

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sorry i forgot to make it public

As a beginner to R you may benefit from studying this useful book.

Particularly chapter 3
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